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Welcome to the Get Simple Wiki!

The History, Players, and Info on the Simple Minecraft Server

The Simple Info

Get Simple is the Minecraft Java (and Bedrock!) server that's all about simplicity. Unlike other servers filled to the brim with plugins, Get Simple has but one that adds content.


Get Simple was founded in July 2020 as a personal server project to see how simple a modern Minecraft server could be and still be high quality. We've taken this to the extreme, with the only functional plugin being LastLocationAndBack, which adds /back.

Getting Started

You'll first join in the main Survival server. For the creative Superflat, survival Amplified, and "Almost Hardcore" servers, you can get to them with /server [selection].

The Address

Use streetlights.info or getsimplemc.net as the IP. In the Minecraft Java home screen, click "Multiplayer," then "Add Server," paste streetlights.info into the address, and give it any name you'd like. Click "Done" to finish.

Bedrock Edition

Use br.streetlights.info as the IP. You'll also need a Java account to join, but this allows you to join on smartphones and hopefully consoles soon.

The Simple Rules

1. No griefing.

2. No cheating.

3. No illegal stuff.

4. All reports made with /co inspect must include a screenshot of the activity.

Discord Group

Join it here: discord.gg/8SyVRJy

Sponsored by streetlights.info.

THE Players

The Admins of Get Simple



McPlaya07 is the co-owner of Get Simple and the creator of the Get Simple Wiki. He founded the server's first base, CMCC, and made the first Transport System for the server. He also made massive improvements for the spawn region and made the spawn for Get Simple Amplified. He says he will try his best to be on whenever a new person joins and give them a run-down of the server.



APPLECRAZY251 is the owner and founder of Get Simple. He founded Get Simple as a project for Minecraft perfection. He says that he strives to make the server as simple as possible for anyone new or experienced.


There's not just ONE server in one world. There's MULTIPLE!

There are currently 3 modes in Get Simple: Survival, Superflat, and Amplified (Amped.) To get to it, simply put in /server survival or /server superflat. Survival is the main one and the one you spawn into. Superflat is creative and just builds in a superflat world. Amplified is both in a mountainous world.

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